As part of the Strengthening Accountability Networks among Civil Society (SANCUS) project funded by European Union, TI Armenia has launched monitoring grant projects aimed at enhancing accountability and effective public management in the field of general education, particularly at schools.

The projects launched on January 15, 2022, with a 6-month duration.

Within the framework of the grant, three project teams will examine the transparency, accountability, and effectiveness of student councils, school governing boards, and school unions, including their independence, autonomy, and engagement in public oversight.

During the first phase of the projects, the teams will study respective legislations and normative acts. Based on issues identified from some fact-finding research, the teams will conduct surveys, focus group discussions and interviews within their stakeholder groups to further explore the underlying causes of identified gaps.

The project teams will also conduct information campaigns to raise awareness among their target communities about their rights and responsibility, including among students, parents, teachers, and other members of school governing bodies and councils.

The teams will introduce the results of their projects in monitoring reports, where they will comprehensively present the identified problems and offer solutions.