The "Khelatsir" movement has curated a series of informative clips addressing prevalent societal "isms". Today's focus is on "nepotism", a phenomenon rooted in antiquity yet persisting in contemporary times. 


    Latest News

    Meeting with Human Rights Defender Anahit Manasyanon about Observed Pressures on Environmentalists


    Representatives from a number of civil society organizations working on environmental issues, including TIAC's Sona Ayvazyan, met with the Human Rights Defender Anahit Manasyan

    CSOs Call for Parliamentary Hearings on Police Reform with Minister of Internal Affairs Engagement


    Armenian CSOs intend to urge the RA National Assembly to hold parliamentary hearings with the Minister of Internal Affairs regarding police reform.

    Zero Tolerance towards Corruption


    TIAC Executive Director Sona Ayvazyan participated in the meeting with more than 40 representatives of the Armenian government, political society and media, organized by the Armenia Integrity project.



    The graduates of TIAC educational programs are tackling the issue of clientelism.

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