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The Օrganization recruits its human resources based on principle of "equal working opportunities," excluding manifestations of any form of discrimination, such as racial, gender, religious, national or ethnic, age or limited ability to work and is guided by open and free competition, impartial and "no special treatment" attitude.

Job openings or newly created job positions are filled through competition held by the Organization if the vacancy is impossible to be filled with internal human resources.

Job openings are filled based on the candidates' merit after proper study of all applications, however hiring people in kinship relation with Board members or staff is excluded in order to avoid possible conflict of interest.





Call for project proposal development services

TIAC is looking for an expert to support TIAC in fundraising activities. In particular, it is expected from the expert to develop general financing and area-specific project proposals in the strategic directions of the organization’s activity, including public governance, elections and public assets/finance management, as well find funding possibilities with donor organizations and if needed, establish contacts with them. The expert will develop project proposal(s) in cooperation with respective employees and partners.