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Statement on the formation of the Central Electoral Commission

On October 6, 2016 the National Assembly of Armenia elected Central Electoral Commission (CEC) Chairman and members, which is actually the current CEC composition. The given decision of the legislature of Armenia is of serious concern for ensuring the electoral reform and lawfulness of the forthcoming elections. Pursuant to the Electoral Code of the Republic of Armenia CEC is an independent state authority which shall organize the elections, as well as exercise supervision over the lawfulness thereof, thus bearing the responsibility for the lawfulness of the electoral processes in the Republic of Armenia.


Statement on local government elections of September 18 and October 2, 2016

“Citizen Observer” Initiative carried out observation of  local government elections on September 18, 2016  in Armenia’s 16 communities (Ashtarak, Goris, Tegh, Tsaghkahovit, Aparan, Jrarat, Byurakan, Armavir, Azatamut, Achajur, Getahovit, Ditavan, Yenokavan, Lusahovit, Lusadzor, Gandzakar) and on October 2, 2016  in 18 communities (Gyumri, Vanadzor, Goght, Garni, Nor Yerznka, Argel, Kapan, Tsaghkashat, Akhtala, Lernapat, Artik, Vayk, Shatin, Gladzor, Martuni, Alaverdi, Mets Ayrum and Arevatsag).


Joint statement of NGOs

On September 9, 2016  the Government of Armenia provided to a group of civil society representatives a document called “Statement on mutual agreement on defining organizational and technical mechanisms for oversight over the lawfulness of the electoral process in the new Electoral Code.” Though the announcements on the “pre-signing” of that document by civil society representatives do not correspond to reality (see attached), the initiative is substantial as it provides the following measures:


Statement on the Electoral Code of Armenia and the recent developments related to it

The negotiations, launched in 4+4+4 conventional format in March 2016 to amend the Electoral Code of Armenia, which could offer an opportunity for manifestation of democracy and provide an adequate basis for building public trust in the electoral processes, failed. Government-opposition-civil society consensus fell short by the government as a result of its absence of political will to improve the electoral system, breaking the rules of honest dialogue, and its uncompromising position in certain issues. Yet, in June 2016 the representatives of the governing and non-governing political parties came to an agreement in introducing organizational and technical mechanisms for oversight over the lawfulness of the electoral process, based on which subsequent amendments were made by the National Assembly of Armenia to the Electoral Code adopted only a month before, and international organizations were requested to provide financial support for carrying out the proposed mechanisms.


Call for observers to monitor local government elections in Armenia

“Citizen Observer” Initiative plans to recruit observers for monitoring local government elections in Armenia scheduled for September-October 2016. The election observation is carried out in compliance with the Electoral Code of Armenia and international standards. “Citizen Observer” Initiative aims to ensure the conduct of open, transparent and fair local government elections, and to promote strengthening of fundamental principles of democracy in Armenia.


Statement on the Mass Violation of Human Rights in the Republic of Armenia

On July 17 2016 an armed group of 31 people called “Sasna Tsrer” attacked the Patrol-Guard Service Regiment of RA Police located in Erebuni district of Yerevan. They declared a revolt and put forward political demands – resignation of the president Serzh Sargsyan and the release of political prisoners, including their leader Zhirair Sefilian, arrested on June 20, 2016. One police officer was killed during the attack and 6-7 were held hostage, however the rebels declared about their willingness to resolve issues in a peaceful way and voluntarily released all hostages by the seventh day. 


Statement on the need to convene a special parliamentary session

During the past few days the country, more specifically the city of Yerevan has been experiencing an increasingly tense situation with unpredictable consequences, pertaining to the armed opposition group titled “Daredevils of Sasoon,” which continues to occupy a Yerevan police station since July 17 and subsequent events.