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Statement of Transparency International Anticorruption Center on International Anticorruption Day 2017

This year, on December 9 for the 14th time the world will mark International Anti-corruption Day. Corruption is a serious crime that is able to undermine political, social and economic development in any country of the world. According to the UN Office on Drugs and Crime (UNODC) every year $1 trillion is paid in bribes while an estimated $2.6 trillion are stolen annually through corruption, which is equal to more than 5% of the global GDP. In developing countries, according to the United Nations Development Program, funds lost to corruption are estimated at 10 times the amount of official development assistance.


Statement on Citizen Observer Initiative

Citizen Observer Initiative is a coalition of Armenian NGOs which was established in 2013 by Transparency International Anticorruption Center (TIAC), Europe in Law Association (ELA), Journalists’ Club “Asparez” (JCA), and the Helsinki Citizens' Assembly Vanadzor Office (HCAV) to jointly oversee Yerevan City Council elections. Given the effective cooperation and the significance of public oversight of the electoral processes, the initiative continued its activities. In 2016, the Helsinki Citizens' Assembly Vanadzor Office left the coalition. Its core composition now comprised of TIAC, ELA, and JCA, Citizen Observer Initiative continued its operation, and it also has cooperated with other organizations in different stages of its activity.


The Requirement of the RA Electoral Code on Publicizing the Voter Lists Was Breached. The Signed Voter Lists Are Not Publicly Available

Under the Armenian Electoral Code, the signed voter lists were tobe made publicly availableon April 4, 2017 by 12pm. By19.00 of April 4, 2017, by 7 the links posted by the CEC on its website were not available in most cases. This means that the Government failed to meet this commitment by grossly violating the requirements of the Armenian Electoral Code.


Elections do not express the will of the citizens of Armenia



April 3, 2017 | 12:00

On April 2, the 3112 independent and impartial observers of Citizen Observer Initiative have carried out the mission of observation since early morning at 1521 precincts.



The “Europe in Law Association”,“Transparency International Anti-Corruption Center” and “Journalists’ Asparez Club”NGOs within the framework of the “Citizen Observer”Initiative will conduct a comprehensive observation mission during Parliamentary Elections on 2 April 2017. More than 3000 accredited observers will monitor elections in more than 1600 polling stations throughout Armenia. Complaints will be lodged with the corresponding electoral commissions on the basis of the violations recorded by the observers, as well as in cases of violation of their subjective rights on behalf of these observers and organizations conducting the observation mission. 


Citizen Observer Initiative to Monitor 75% of All Polling Stations

March 31, 2017 – On Election Day, the Citizen Observer Initiative will have nearly 3400 observers in over 1500 polling stations across Armenia.  They have all passed a special training program and will be providing an objective, non-partisan account of the electoral process as it unfolds.  Any violations of the electoral code will be recorded in the official register at each polling station and will be communicated to the public using an interactive map.


We condemn the grave violation of the Daniel Ioannisyan’s right to a private and family life

The findings published by the Union of Informed Citizens NGO concerning organized and widespread abuse of administrative resources for the benefit of the ruling Republican Party of Armenia during the campaign for the Republic of Armenia National Assembly election on 2 April 2017 cast doubt on the eligibility of the ruling Republican Party of Armenia to participate in the upcoming parliamentary election.