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Position Statement - Yerevan

Having assessed the anti-corruption policy of the Armenian Government, the Center for Regional Development / Transparency International Armenia states that:

  • though in 2003 an Anti-Corruption Strategy and its Action Plan were adopted and an Anti-Corruption Council and its Monitoring Commission were established in 2004;
  • though Armenia joined a number of international anti-corruption conventions and structures, and passed numerous laws aimed at preventing corruption;
  • though several programs are in place to help reform the country's system of governance;

anti-corruption initiatives in Armenia are still a mere imitation of the real fight against corruption.


Statement of Partnership for Open Society Initiative on RA Law "On Lobbyist Activities"

The POS, a coalition of civil society actors, expresses its concern with regard to the draft law "On Lobbyist Activities" that was approved by the government and submitted to the RA National Assembly. We believe that if the current version of the draft law "On Lobbyist Activities" is approved by RA National Assembly, it will become a serious obstacle for any civil society participation in formulation of the legislative framework as well as for any democratic participatory process in policy analysis and development in the country.


Statement from Transparency International Secretariat on Attack of Transparency International Armenia Website - Berlin

The Transparency International Secretariat (TI-S) is deeply concerned by the recent attack on the website of TI Armenia (www.transparency.am), which resulted in important anti-corruption data being deleted. Erasing corruption related materials - whoever did it with whatever motives - is a clear violation of international principles of free access to information. Any attempt to intimidate a civil society organization is against the principles and standards, to which Armenia has officially subscribed. TI-S appeals to the Armenian authorities that the normal conditions for the day-to-day operation of the anti-corruption watchdog - one of the members of the more than 90 National Chapters of Transparency International to be safeguarded.


Statement from CRD/TI Armenia on Attack of Organization's Website - Yerevan

The Center for Regional Development/Transparency International Armenia informs that the "Chorrord Ishkhanutyun" newspaper's folder containing a summary of critical corruption-related articles posted on the organization's website in Armenian (www.transparency.am), under the section 'Media Coverage of Corruption Issues', was erased. The mentioned section includes the results of monitoring of the corruption-related coverage in 10 Armenian newspapers.


International Anti-Corruption Day - Berlin

On 9-10 December, 2003, at a ceremony in Merida, Mexico, the UN Convention against Corruption was signed by the first member-states. Since then 113 countries have signed the Convention. To mark the event, the UN General Assembly designated 9th of December, starting in 2004, as International Anti-Corruption Day.


Statement of CRD/TI Armenia on April 14th events - Yerevan

Considering the unprecedented political persecutions, violence and arrests that took place in the Republic of Armenia during the last weeks as a direct consiquences of political corruption manifested at the 2003 presidential and parliamentary elections, Center for Regional Development/Transparency International Armenia appeals to international community to condemn the above-mentioned actions undertaken by the Armenian authorities violating democratic principles, and calls to take real measures against the current authorities for not following international obligations aimed at ensuring democratic development of the country.