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On May 21, 2008 a well-known human rights defender Michael Danielyan, the chairman of the Armenian Helsinki Association, was attacked with physical and gun force. They attacked with a group of people led by Tigran Urikhanian, the former leader of the Armenian Progressive Party. At first they used an air gun and then performed physical violence; he began swearing at him, which was directly connected with his human rights work.


Armenia 2008: Return to Stalinism

Democratic reforms in Armenia resulted in constituting state terror. In the wake of the lifting of state of emergency the Armenian authorities unleashed a new wave of violence and intimidations. Having adopted Soviet KGB methods, the Armenian police and National Security Service subject unprotected people to organized repressions.


Statement on an arson attack on the car of "Asparez" Journalist's Club

On March 21, 2008 at 01.05 AM there was an arson attack on the car of Gyumri Journalist's Club "Asparez" President Nadezhda Hakobian, which at that time was in use by the Club's Board Chairman Levon Barseghian.


Armenian civil society will not succumb to reckless authorities

We, the undersigned representatives of Armenia's civil society, hereby affirm that: - the peaceful demonstrations and rallies, which were held following the 2008 presidential elections in Armenia, were the manifestation of the citizens' dissatisfaction with the elections, accompanied as they were by fraud and violence; these demonstrations and rallies were also a protest against the limitations that were put on free speech, the repression of human rights, and the impunity of the real criminals, all of which continue to deteriorate;


Statement on elections

We, the undersigned civil society organizations, express our deep concern with the pre-election period, the election campaign and the post-election processes in the country. The assessment of international observers, even though portrayed in a positive light by the government and the government controlled media, was critical. However, the apparent discrepancy between the actual findings of the assessment with the formative first two sentences of the report resulted in the government only referring to this paragraph in the international observers' assessment in order to legitimize the results of the election. Meanwhile, in the report, international observers pointed out to media censorship, intimidation of voters, vote buying, etc. and called vote count 'bad' or 'very bad' in 16 percent of polling stations visited. Qualifying such practices as a "step forward" and in line with the commitments to hold free and fair elections discredits the notion of democracy and further lowers the standards of democratic reforms.


Statement on 2008 presidential election

We accuse the Armenian authorities of another rigged election marred by gross violations of law and human rights during the pre-election period, on the voting day and the post-election week.


To International Organizations carrying out observation mission OSCE/ODIHR observation mission OSCE PA observation mission European Parliament PACE

Elections of 2008 like presidential elections in 1996, 1998, 2003 and the constitutional referendum in 2005 were distorted by official competent bodies by using the governmental machine of repressive measures and criminal mechanisms. The data given by NGO observing missions and monitoring, evaluations by the political parties put their candidacy for the presidential elections, and the society itself, that expresses its outburst in the square of Freedom are the evidence of those distortions.