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The Electoral Reform process needs to be seen through

A group of CSOs disseminated a statement calling on all the government structures and officials involved in accepting and implementing these changes to not spare any efforts in restoring Armenia’s often-criticized political field to a new level of openness and maturity, which is especially important given the ongoing political crisis.



Around 30 Armenian NGOs, including TIAC, have appealed to Audrey Azoula, Director general of the UNESCO , warning that Azerbaijan is destroying Armenian heritage sites under its control and demanding that a fact-finding mission be sent to Artsakh.


Statement on hate speech and calls for violence in the political arena

We, the undersigned representatives of civil society, are severely concerned about the hate speech and calls for violence, which are widespread in Armenia’s political landscape, and tend to be rising ahead of the snap parliamentary election. Problematic and dangerous speeches by both governmental and opposition circles are poisoning the public domain and overshadowing the discussion of essential and urgent state and social problems.


Excuses to Avoid Passing Amendments to the Electoral Code Signal a Lack of Political Will

Excuses to Avoid Passing Amendments to the Electoral Code  Signal a Lack of Political Will 

The CSOs have disseminated an important announcement.


Early Parliamentary Elections Must Only Be Held Under Reformed Electoral Code․ Statement

The civil society organizatoins and representatives have published a statement on the importance of adopting the amendements to the Electoral Code prior to the early elections.

"Early elections should be scheduled only after the adoption of the amendments to the Electoral Code within the shortest period of time, without subordinating the imperative for early elections to the general international rules about timelines."



The NSS does not respect the constitutional order: The announcement of the NGOs

On February 10, 2021 the RA NSS Border Troops issued a statement, according to which it is necessary to obtain the permission of the National Security Bodies for the work of journalists in uncertain parts of Syunik region. However, according to credible statements by journalists working on the ground, the border guards began to apply these restrictions days before the announcement.
The undersigned NGOs strongly condemn the statement by the NSS Border Troops that obstructs the legal activities of journalists. The NGOs believe that this is not only a criminal act, but also contradicts the minimum standards of a democratic state governed by the rule of law.


Civil Society Demands Snap Parliamentary Elections

Reaffirming the need for snap parliamentary elections, we, the undersigned representatives of civil society, demand from the "My Step" faction to realize its responsibility to the citizens and the state and to put snap elections to the political agenda of 2021 providing a comprehensive and clear schedule for electoral and related legislation reform, preparing electoral commissions and the judiciary to meet minimum requirements for electoral legislation.