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STATEMENT On Summoning UN Human Rights Council Special Session on the situation in Belarus

On 17 October 2019, Armenia was elected as a member of the UN Human Rights Council for the period of 2020-2022. Stressing the importance of this event, the Prime Minister of Armenia stated: "This is indicative of the important trust of the international community toward our country, especially in regard to defending human rights. I congratulate all of us."  The Minister of Foreign Affairs made similar remarks: "Promoting human rights and fundamental freedoms, strengthening democratic values will be a high priority for Armenia's endeavors at the Human Rights Council."


Transparency International Anticorruption Center announces launch of second group of admissions for Anticorruption School

The Anticorruption School of Transparency International Anticorruption Center (TIAC) aims to equip young people with knowledge on corruption, its types and causes, corruption risks available in political, economic, social and other sectors and their impacts, methods of fighting against corruption, anti-corruption policy in Armenia, international obligations and the process of their implementation. Participants will also obtain knowledge on ways of public participation and oversight, take part in discussions, develop critical and analytical skills.


Statement regarding “Draft Law on Making Amendments and Supplements to RA Law on 2020 State Budget”

The parliament exercises oversight over the executive branch of government, among other instruments, through the approval and oversight of the main financial document of the country – the state budget. This mechanism of checks and balances ensures prevention of abuse of power as best as possible, thus safeguarding the constitutional guarantees for the regular activities of the branches of government.


Announcement regarding the Draft Law on Making Amendments to the Republic of Armenia Law on the Treatment of Arrestees and Detainees

Transparency International Anticorruption Center (TIAC) expresses its positive conclusion with regard to the Draft Law on Making Amendments to the Republic of Armenia (RA) Law on the Treatment of Arrestees and Detainees developed by the RA Ministry of Justice. Notably, we find that the proposed draft legislation along with a number of existing norms will enable identification and public awareness of alleged violations against arrestees and detainees as well as the acquisition of information on illegal and discriminatory behavior against them through contacts with them.


Statement by NGO’s on the need for radical reforms in areas of regional development and urban planning

Following the 2018 popular, non-violent revolution in Armenia, new authorities undertook a number of reforms in different areas aiming to improve the situation and mitigate the social injustice that had accumulated throughout the years. However, despite the fact public discontent for years had a lot to do with issues related to urban development, conservation of historical and cultural heritage and public areas, these issues are now ignored by the current government.

No changes have been taking place in the sector of regional development and urban planning. Some positive steps, such as the partial decommissioning of structures in the park adjacent to the Freedom Square are random, irregular and not based on a specific policy. We mostly see the old faulty habits carry on in the sector (including illegal construction) particularly in Yerevan.


Statement on International Anti-corruption Day

Early 2019 was marked by the launch of a new parliament, formed through equal, competitive, and free elections, and the formation of an executive branch, which by its subsequent actions confirmed its clear political will to fight corruption. In the second half of 2019, a sound process of advancing anticorruption policy was pursued in Armenia which created the required bases for the legal and institutional system.


The right to personal data protection cannot be breached

Public Service Regulation Commission (PSRC) recently circulated draft decision on Approval of Standards for Archives Stored by the Electronic Communication Service Providers. If adopted the decision would require all Internet service providers to collect and store for two years certain data of Internet service subscribers. Such data includes user identification data, i.e. full name, network login and passwords, user’s device identification data such as IMSI and IMEI, as well as Internet session records, duration, IP addresses and email address, time and date of email communication.