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Call On The International Community For An Adequate Response Against Azerbaijani Aggresssion

The undersigned Armenian civil society representatives are deeply concerned vis-à-vis the international response over the continued instability on the Armenia-Azerbaijan border in the light of the fact that Azerbaijan has for months been violating the territorial integrity of the Republic of Armenia in flagrant violation of international law and regularly inciting military clashes.

In this connection, we call on the international community, including the relevant UN bodies, the Council of Europe, OSCE, the European Commission and individual states to urgently condemn the policy of aggression exercised by Azerbaijan. Calls to “both parties” to pull back troops, reinstate the ceasefire and to de-escalate the situation are misplaced and do not reflect the situation on the ground.


On terminating the membership in the Competition Council for the selection of the chairman candidates for the Anti-Corruption Committee

Considering that TIAC, through the participation in the Competition Council, did not have the opportunity to fully contribute to the assessment  of the integrity of the candidates,their  professional qualities, to the development of appropriate mechanisms for the selection of worthy candidates for the position of the Committee Chairperson, we do not consider it convenient to continue the membership of our representative in the Competition Council.

From now on, we are going to consider the election of the chairman of the anti-corruption committee, following the public processes.


Statement: Immediately apply to the UN Security Council and OSCE

In view of the security challenges posed on the account of Azerbaijan violating Armenia’s territorial integrity, the fact that Azerbaijan has for months now been violating Armenia’s territorial integrity in flagrant violation of international law, and Azerbaijan’s policy of regularly inciting military clashes, we hereby once again urge the Armenian authorities to make use of the possibilities availed by the UN Charter and to immediately apply to the UN Security Council on the basis of the threat posed to international peace and security by Azerbaijan’s aggression and violation of Armenia’s territorial integrity.


Resquet to revoke Azerbaijan's hosting rights of UEFA EURO 2020 games in Baku

CSOs call on UEFA to revoke the hosting rights of Azerbaijan of Euro 2020 games in Baku, move the scheduled events to another location, and join the international community in demanding that Azerbaijan immediately returns all Armenian POWs and civilian captives without any preconditions.


"Akanates" obersvation mission's preliminary report on the 2021 early Armenian Parliamentary Election

The "Akanates" obervation mission released a preliminary statement on the 2021 early Armenian Parliamentary Election.


Statement On the illegal prosecution of Sashik Sultanyan, head of the Yezidi Center of Human Rights, and the Center’s staff by Armenia’s National Security Service

Opinions and value judgments presented on the rights of the members of the Yezidi community by a citizen of Armenia based on facts, without any words or actions containing or instigating hatred, could be interpreted as incitement of hatred only if one had special intention, such as that displayed by the National Security Service. The president of the human rights non-governmental organization had only presented the problems. By creating this precedent, the National Security Service will completely hinder any public discussion of problems related to discrimination or human rights of minorities by anyone, including members of national or ethnic minority communities.

We hereby demand that the National Security Service immediately terminate the obviously unlawful criminal prosecution of Sashik Sultanyan and his colleagues.


CSO Statement on Trilateral Negotiations

Acting Prime Minister Nikol Pashinyan does not have the legitimacy to conduct negotiations with foreign entities without political consultations, a mere month before the early election. Under a caretaker government, while the National Assembly is formally dissolved, Pashinyan cannot make momentous decisions on behalf of the Republic of Armenia and unilaterally declare them to be in accord with Armenia’s interests, referring to them as an “announcement” and failing to follow the necessary legal processes for international agreements.