Home News People who complain the most were the most privileged: Sona Ayvazyan
2019 Sep

People who complain the most were the most privileged: Sona Ayvazyan

Sona Ayvazyan was the guest of AD TV “Interview” program on September 3. She addressed the activity of TIAC, the Armenian government’s efforts in fight against corruption after revolution, the functions of commission for corruption prevention, specialized anticorruption courts and a department in the General Prosecutor’s Office for investigation of corruption crimes provided by anticorruption strategy, anticorruption committee and other bodies, citizens’ participation in fighting corruption, election observation by TIAC in the forthcoming elections, developing democracy in Artsakh.    

According to Sona Ayvazyan TIAC aims to improve the quality of governance in Armenia, raising government effectiveness and good governance, and fighting corruption is only a part of it. Currently TIAC makes research to find out how much has corruption perception changed in the people of Armenia.

In the opinion of Sona Ayvazyan now there is no pyramid of corruption that existed in Armenia for years. Bribery as as a type of corruption may have reduced as officials have become a little more cautious but patronage continues. People in some way abstain from state budget embezzlement because they at least feel that the government makes efforts to end corruption and is sincere in its efforts. The fight against corruption that was proclaimed since 2003 was always imitation. All came to understand that corruption was significantly sponsored at the highest level, which was the main beneficiary of corruption. Now there is confidence and fear that the activity of law enforcement bodies will be sincere and the people who were involved in corruption processes will bear responsibility for sure.

 AD TV Interview with Sona Ayvazyan on ArmDaily website.