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2015 Nov

Oversee the Referendum

“Citizen Observer” Initiative’s “Oversee the Referendum” campaign is carried out to prevent voter list inflation. The campaign calls on citizens: “If you or your relatives, friends, neighbors or acquaintances expect to be out of the Republic of Armenia on the referendum day and fail to participate in voting, inform about it by filling in respective names on hanraqve.com website. Voter lists are inflated to rig voting by including deceased, nonexistent or people not registered in Armenia. Voter list inflation mechanism is used to vote instead of those people. It is possible to apply this sort of vote fraud, since signed lists of voters are kept secret, which is the main instrument to prevent voter fraud. In order to prevent the above mentioned instances of fraud it is necessary that every person note whether or not he/she will participate in voting, thus preventing the opportunity to vote instead of him/her.