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2008 Feb

Armenian NGOs condemn

Armenian NGOs condemn

Transparency International Anti-Corruption Center, "Asparez" Journalists' Club and Helsinki Citizens' Assembly Vanadzor Office issued a statement on February 26, 2008, which says: "We accuse the Armenian authorities of another rigged election, marred by gross violations of law and human rights during the pre-election period, on the voting day and the post-election week."

It goes on to say, "We condemn mass vote bribes, ballot stuffing, intimidation of and violence against members of electoral commissions, proxies and local observers, and influence over voter choice against their will; continuous abuse of administrative resource, biased coverage and distortion of facts in media; citizens' persecutions and arrests for expression of their political standing.

We state that the whole responsibility for acts of tyranny, occurring these days is shared by the current authorities as well as international organizations neglecting those crimes."

Transparency International Anti-corruption Center also joined two similar statements.

For more details, please see Statement on elections 2008, An appeal to observers