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Monitoring projects aimed at enhancing accountability in the field of general education

As part of the Strengthening Accountability Networks among Civil Society (SANCUS) project funded by European Union, TIAC has launched monitoring grant projects․


CPI 2021 Press Quotations

Press quotations regarding CPI 2021 results 


Press Conference: The results of CPI 2021

Transparency International has published CPI 2021 results. Armenia’s 2021 CPI score did not change compared to 2020 (49). 


Transparency of Beneficial Ownership

The publication is available in Armenian.


Statement on Possible Engagement of Armenian Armed Forces in Internal Processes in Kazakhstan

Protests that erupted in Kazakhstan on 2 January 2022 against the spike in liquefied gas price spread across the country and turned into a national movement against the dictatorial regime. According to official information, more than 300 people have been injured, and several dozen police officers and protesters have died. Hundreds of protesters have been detained without basic human rights guarantees. A state of emergency was declared in a number of towns of the country and State of Alma-Ata.


Legal Opinion on the draft law changes

The legal opinion is available in Armenian.


On Yerevan Mayor Dismissal

The interview is available in Armenian.