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Interview with V. Hoktanyan on Upcoming Snap Elections

TIAC project director Varuzhan Hoktanyan on the upcoming elections and the latest amendments to the Electoral Code


V Hoktanian's Interview to Pastinfo

The elections will be the test of the maturity of our society. The question of a mature voter should be where we are going, who promises what, and  what the future should be like, notes TIAC project director Varuzhan Hoktanyan.


The Launch of "Akanates" Observation Mission

Ahead of the parliamentary snap elections, the "Akanates" initiative is launching an observation mission, within the framework of which it is planned to observe the pre-election, election and post-election processes.


The Akanates Initiative: Become Elections' Observer!

The "Akanates" initiative invites all those who want to promote free, fair, transparent elections in Armenia, to join the initiative and participate in the short-term observation mission to monitor RA National Assembly snap elections.


"Akanates" initiative has launched the organizational work of a long-term observation mission

Ahead of the upcoming snap parliamentary elections, the "Akanates" initiative has launched the organizational work of a long-term observation mission. About 60 people will observe the pre-election processes. On April 23-25 the first group of observers participated in a two-day training course in Dilijan. The team of long-term observers includes representatives from all the regions of Armenia.


On confiscation of property of illegal origin

In an interview with CIVILNET, TIAC project director Varuzhan Hoktanyan expresses concerns over the progress of cases related to the confiscation of property of illegal origin initiated in 2020 and not yet submitted to the court. He notes that the current government's selective and discriminatory fight against corruption is ineffective.


Electoral "traditions": Online discussion by Media center

Mediacenter has organized an online discussion  on the so called electoral “traditions”. Are they still viable today? Sona Ayvazyan takes part in the discussion.


Anti-corruption training for the students of Gladzor University

Within the scope of collaboration between TIAC and Gladzor University, the first anti-corruption training took place yesterday for the Law faculty of the University.


Anti-corruption education series: Integrity leadership

On April 17, Michael Conrad, Phd, Expert from the US conducted a training on integrity leadership as part of anti-corruption education series designed for youth. What is integrity leadership, how to be a competitive leader, what should be the ethical values of the organization, are some of the issues discussed during the training. To note, the series of TIAC anti-corruption trainings are continuous.


Anti-corruption trainings in Vayq and Gyumri

Graduates of TIAC’s second anti-corruption school continue to enhance our efforts to fight corruption. The next team of the graduates held anti-corruption trainings in Vayk and Gyumri, that were attended by about 50 students. Interesting parallels were drawn between media, misinformation and corruption. This short video beautifully sums up the whole process.