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TIAC participates in OGP side event to UNGA 72

On September 19, 2017 Varuzhan Hoktanyan, Project Director of Transparency International Anticorruption Center participated in “Rebuilding Trust in Government”, an Open Government Partnership High-Level Side Event to the 72nd United Nations General Assembly held at UN Headquarters in New York. 


2014 and 2015 Corruption Perceptions Index tables corrected

The Corruption Perceptions Index (CPI) results tables for 2014 and 2015 have been corrected for a number of countries because of an error discovered during a review of past CPI results. The mistake was due to a human error in transferring data from specific sources to the CPI computation files at Transparency International’s Secretariat.


Politicians and businesses paid to launder Azerbaijan’s image using slush fund must be sanctioned

Transparency International, the global anti-corruption organisation, is calling for politicians, banks and businesses that helped to launder the reputation of Azerbaijan across Europe to be investigated and, if appropriate, for the perpetrators to be sanctioned.


Call for expert services in public health sector

Transparency International Anticorruption Center calls for expert services in public health sector to provide consultancy in identifying corruption risks and their manifestations in public health sector and making recommendation for reducing them. The expert shall carry out the following assignments: provide consultancy in public health sector, specifically by identifying corruption risks in the policy of state-guaranteed medical assistance provided free of charge and under privileged conditions and developing policy recommendations for reducing them and act as the organization’s expert during stakeholder meetings, as well as in relations with media if necessary.


Petition to the International Association of Prosecutors

Transparency International Anticorruption Center, UNCAC Coalition member signed a petition to bring the voice of civil society to Beijing and help initiate change at the International Association of Prosecutors (IAP). The Petition gathered 130 signatories globally and has been submitted to IAP leadership and the board. In the run-up to the annual conference and general meeting of IAP in Beijing, China, civil society organisations urge the IAP to live up to its vision and bolster its efforts to preserve the integrity of the profession.


Training ‘‘Fight against corruption and the youth’’ for Zartonk Center members

On August 4, 2017, Tatevik Barseghyan, education expert of Transparency International Anticorruption Center conducted training ‘‘Fight against corruption and the youth’’ for more than two dozen students of Zartonk Center for Civic Education. During the interactive training session Zartonk members acquired knowledge on corruption, learnt about its manifestations, reasons and consequences, the basic components of effective anticorruption policies: prevention, detection, public support and education, as well as anticorruption tools.


TIAC joined the Global Network for Domestic Election Monitors

The Global Network for Domestic Election Monitors (GNDEM) officially welcomed Transparency International Anticorruption Center (TIAC) as a new member on July 29, 2017 after TIAC applied for membership and endorsed the Declaration of Global Principles. TIAC made a decision to join GNDEM during its board meeting on July 4, 2017. GNDEM membership is open to any nonpartisan citizen organization actively committed to election monitoring and observation in their country.


TIAC at TI Mining for Sustainable Development Program Global Workshop

Sona Ayvazyan, Executive Director of Transparency International Anticorruption Center participated in Global Workshop of TI Mining for Sustainable Development Program as implementing partner in Armenia. The workshop was held in July 25-28 in Port Dickson, Malaysia. During the workshop all chapters part of the TI mining program met to develop plans and strategies for the Phase II program. They addressed the following issues: the top corruption risks in awarding mining contracts, the challenges in the license processes, etc..


Serious fight against corruption starts at the top, but the top officials themselves are involved in it. Hoktanyan

In his interview with News.am, Varuzhan Hoktanyan, Project Director of Transparency International Anticorruption Center has noted, that if there is no political will, it is impossible to fight against corruption only with legislative amendments and establishment of government councils. According to Hoktanyan, TI Corruption Perceptions Index (CPI) shows, that no progress was recorded. Compared with CPI 2016, TI CPI 2015 results are neither improved, nor worsened, there is stagnation. However, the situation deteriorated in 3-4 years’ time according to TI CPI, which does not imply corruption level, but is correlated with the situation of corruption: if the perception worsens, so does the situation.


TIAC representative at TI School on Integrity

TIAC Communications Specialist Nune Hayrapetyan received a Transparency International Fellowship to visit Lithuania TI School on Integrity from July 10-20. Seven-day summer school gathered 140 participants from around the world. The school was full of tense-scheduled training sessions from leading experts on Anticorruption, Government and Policy, Investigative Journalism and other topics. The last three days were scheduled only for five fellows to meet with various authorities such as Anticorruption Investigative Center, Health Minister, Ethics Commission, Lithuanian Railway Company, etc. The fellows were employees of Transparency International chapters based in Armenia, Tunisia, Slovenia, Brazil and Peru.