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Partners in Empowerment awards grants to 10 NGOs in Eastern Partner countries

In May 2018, 10 new projects supporting civil society actions to monitor the effectiveness of government resource allocation and public service delivery began under the “Partners in Empowerment” project.  


Tallinn e-Governance Conference 2018 and Open Governance workshop

As part of Armenian delegation, Varuzhan Hoktanyan, Project Director of Transparency International Anticorruption Center was among  civil society groups that along with leading e-Governance experts, decision makers and donors met in Tallinn, Estonia on May 29-30, 2018 for annual Tallinn e-Governance Conference to discuss the challenges state faces when communicating with digital citizens and on May 30-31 for an Open Governance workshop to discuss e-democracy and e-participation in decision making and experiences and challenges that the OGP framework has accumulated. 


"We stand ready to support the newly-formed Government:" statement

We, the below-signed organizations of civil society, welcome the victory of the People and value the awakening of civil self-awareness and dignity. We stand ready to support the newly-formed Government in overcoming the existing challenges and shall remain committed to the core principles and agenda of our work. We shall continue to focus on the most relevant and pressing issues, including among others human rights, the fight against corruption, the independence of the judiciary, and the development of a free and competitive economy.


Haykak Arshamyan: Everyone in Armenia and the diaspora agrees on the importance of change

In his interview to the Romanian Service of Radio Free Europe/Radio Liberty Haykak Arshamyan, Advocacy and Communications Coordinator of Transparency International Anticorruption Center reflected on the recent developments in Armenia. According to Arshamyan the Republican Party of Armenia, which is the majority in the parliament agreed on May 2, 2018 to support the candidate nominated by 1/3 of the National Assembly of Armenia to become the interim Prime Minister in a parliamentary vote scheduled for May 8, implying they agreed to vote for Nikol Pashinyan. The rallies and civil disobedience stopped in Armenia until May 8 parliament session.


Statement on Preconditions for Fair Elections

As it is known, acting Prime Minister of the Republic of Armenia Karen Karapetyan has proposed to hold early parliamentary elections as a possible solution to the unprecedented political crisis. In order to ensure free, competitive and transparent elections in line with democratic standards, there is a need for legal arrangements to ensure democratic levers and free competition, executive authorities that will not abuse the administrative resource, a CEC staff that will organize the process in accordance with law, an NCTR staff that will ensure competitive broadcast, heads of criminal investigation and investigative bodies that will effectively fight against electoral violations, as well as independent courts that will solve electoral disputes in a fair way.


An urgent appeal to all Armenians in the diaspora and friends

As you have all been following the news and developments in Armenia, forced measures were taken to elect Serj Sargsyan as prime minister on 17th of April, 2018, surrounded by barb wires and heavy police presence despite the growing national uprising of thousands of peaceful protesters against him and his corrupt and oligarchic regime. Now is the moment to join in support of the incredible change that is happening in Armenia. People need your support in the diaspora to be able to fight this regime and restore democratic processes without violence and bloodshed. We can prevent violence together and Armenia needs you right now! The free and independent citizens of Armenia need you in their struggle for democracy!


Urgent appeal of the Armenian civil society to the international community

Whatever happens in Armenia, it is a fight for democracy, and fight against the corrupt regime. This current outburst of energy is the consequence of citizens’ political rights continuously being suppressed since 1995, and a firm demand to express people’s vote in free and fair elections. We call on international organizations and countries that promote democratic values and systems to support the struggle of the Armenian people for a better future.Life-long dictators must not be recognized and must be condemned by the agents of democracy. Freedom of peaceful assemblies shall be protected by the Armenian state and any escalation of the situation and the consequences are the responsibility of Serzh Sargsyan.


We strongly condemn unlawfulness of deprivation of liberty of Armen Grigoryan and Levon Barseghyan

The Board of the “Transparency International Anticorruption Centre” NGO (TIAC) strongly condemns unlawfulness of deprivation of liberty of Armen Grigoryan and Levon Barseghyan and raises its concerns that in this way the authorities attempt to weaken unprecedent level of protests. The violent response of police and exercised violence by RA Police are unacceptable and are subject to strong condemnation. 


TI blog: Protestors in Armenia march for democracy

TIAC's recent blog about the current protest in Armenia is on voices. transparency.org. See the blog below

In the last several days, thousands of citizens marched in the Armenian capital of Yerevan to protest the actions of former President Serzh Sargsyan, who after finishing his second and final term in office earlier this month, is now Prime Minister.


Statement on Protesters Deprived of Freedom Unlawfully

As at 3.00 pm on April 17, 2018, according to the information received through the Joint Hotline of Human Rights Defenders, citizens (protesters carrying out a protest action) were detained in different parts of Yerevan and taken to different police stations without any grounds. Some of these citizens were unlawfully held there for longer than the established timeframe of 3 hours.