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Call for project proposal development services

TIAC is looking for an expert to support TIAC in fundraising activities. In particular, it is expected from the expert to develop general financing and area-specific project proposals in the strategic directions of the organization’s activity, including public governance, elections and public assets/finance management, as well find funding possibilities with donor organizations and if needed, establish contacts with them. The expert will develop project proposal(s) in cooperation with respective employees and partners.


EU Commissioner met with Armenian CSO representatives

On January 29, 2019 Johannes Hahn, EU Commissioner for EU Neighborhood and Enlargement Negotiations met with Armenian civil society representatives, including TIAC Executive Director Sona Ayvazyan. During the meeting they discussed reform priorities for Armenia, participation of civil society in policy making and increasing civil society capacity and other key issues.


Kuala Lumpur Statement on Anti-Corruption Strategies

In October 2013, high level representatives of anti-corruption authorities as well as national planning authorities from the South, East and Southeast Asia and anticorruption experts from around the world who gathered in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia adopted the famous document known as “Kuala Lumpur statement.” The statement outlined Guidelines for Anti-Corruption Strategies, addressing the process of adopting the strategies, the structure and content of the documents, as well as their monitoring and evaluation.

We expect that the anticorruption strategy and its adoption process will comply with the standards defined by Kuala Lumpur statement.


Statement on draft RA Anticorruption Strategy and its implementation action plan 2019-2022

Draft Anticorruption Strategy of the Republic of Armenia and its implementation action plan 2019-2022 (hereafter referred to as the Draft) was posted on December 19, 2018 on www.e-draft.am, which is a unified website of the Ministry of Justice for publication of draft legal acts. The deadline for submitting comments and recommendations on the Draft was January 8, 2019. We would like to proclaim that the process of development of the Draft, as well as its structure and content are of great concern, on which our comments are stated below.  


On the Position of Civil Society Representatives on Armenia’s Snap Parliamentary Election and Challenges to Be Addressed by the Newly-Elected Parliament in the Near Term

We assess the 9 December 2018 National Assembly election of Armenia as a free and fair election in which the citizens of Armenia freely expressed their will. This free, fair, and competitive election—the first in about 23 years—marked a historic turning point and have immense value from a number of perspectives. Free and fair elections are a key achievement in democratization and proof of a society's political maturity and appreciation of the significance of voting.


Statement on International Anticorruption Day

December 9 was declared by the UN General Assembly as International Anticorruption Day, and since 2003 it is marked in numerous countries worldwide. In 2018 International Anticorruption Day coincided with the day of snap parliamentary elections in Armenia. It is symbolic that on that day for the first time in many years the people of the Republic of Armenia were given an opportunity to freely express their will and consequently their attitude toward political parties involved in corruption.


Preliminary Statement on the Conduct of December 9, 2018 Elections

Akanates Observation Mission December 9, 2018 Snap Parliamentary Elections

Preliminary Statement on the Conduct of December 9, 2018 Elections

The Akanates (Eyewitness) domestic, non-partisan observation initiative was founded in 2018 by Transparency International Anticorruption Center, Journalists’ Club “Asparez” and “Restart” Civic Initiative. The partner of the mission is the Law Development and Protection Foundation.


Press Statement – December 9, 2018 - 11:00 pm

Election day preparation and the voting process were generally conducted in line with the law. 63 serious violations reported.

December 9 is International Anti-Corruption Day, and it is symbolic that on this date, over the course of a long period, this is the first time that the Armenian people have the opportunity to freely express their will and to choose a representative parliament. 

At this moment we can conclude that the Election day preparation and the voting process took place in a peaceful environment and Armenian citizens were fully able to exercise their right to vote.


Election Day generally peaceful with 23 reported violations regarding the voting process until 14:00

Akanates’ observers continue to monitor the conduct of voting processes in 300 sampled polling stations in every district of Armenia. Instead of reporting for every single minor incident, Akanates is now reporting on critical violations, incidents which might have serious impact on the electoral process. In total, Akanates received 23 reports on critical incidents from 22 polling stations concerning the voting process.


Akanates Observation Mission December 9, 2018 Snap Parliamentary Elections

December 9 is the international day of the fight against corruption, and it is symbolic that on this day, after a long period, this is the first time that Armenian citizens have the opportunity to freely express their will to choose a representative parliament.