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Armenian parliament adopts bill criminalising swearing

On July 30, 2021, the 7th convocation of the National Assembly (NA) held its last extraordinary session, where it discussed and approved  a package of draft laws amending the Criminal Code and Criminal Procedure Code. The amendments were authored by the NA deputies and aimed at criminalising swearing.


Discussion “The challenges and priorities of the civil society organizations after elections in Armenia”

On July 30, “Political Dialogue”, within the framework of this project initiated a meeting-discussion entitled “The challenges and priorities of the civil society organizations after elections in Armenia” during which participants exchanged opinions about the possible ways of cooperation with the acting government, the opposition and international partners.


On terminating the membership in the Competition Council for the selection of the chairman candidates for the Anti-Corruption Committee

Considering that TIAC, through the participation in the Competition Council, did not have the opportunity to fully contribute to the assessment  of the integrity of the candidates,their  professional qualities, to the development of appropriate mechanisms for the selection of worthy candidates for the position of the Committee Chairperson, we do not consider it convenient to continue the membership of our representative in the Competition Council.

From now on, we are going to consider the election of the chairman of the anti-corruption committee, following the public processes.


Statement: Immediately apply to the UN Security Council and OSCE

In view of the security challenges posed on the account of Azerbaijan violating Armenia’s territorial integrity, the fact that Azerbaijan has for months now been violating Armenia’s territorial integrity in flagrant violation of international law, and Azerbaijan’s policy of regularly inciting military clashes, we hereby once again urge the Armenian authorities to make use of the possibilities availed by the UN Charter and to immediately apply to the UN Security Council on the basis of the threat posed to international peace and security by Azerbaijan’s aggression and violation of Armenia’s territorial integrity.


Salary, bonus + 250 thousand. the price of serving the public

TIAC legal expert Hayk Martirosyan took part in the discussion entitled "Salary, bonus + 250 thousand. the price of serving the public" organized by Media Center.


Labour rights and the functions of the labor inspection body

Factor TV hosts TIAC legal expert Hayk Martirosyan to cover important issues regarding the labor rights and expanding the functions of the labor inspection body.


Opinion on the RA draft amendment on blocking information

TIAC, in cooperation with a number of CSOs, has issued an Opinion on the draft amendment to the RA Government's decision to block information


EU 2.6 million extensive support to Armenia

Armenia has received the most extensive EU support in the Eastern Caucasus within the framework of the Eastern Partnership. What will change in the life of the Armenian citizens and what programs will be implemented. TIAC legal expert Hayk Martirosyan participates in the discussion conducted by Factor TV


Small research grants funding opportunity

Within the framework of “Participatory Democracy in Action” project funded by the European Union, Transparency International Anticorruption Center (TIAC) invites civil society organizations (CSOs), civic initiatives, individual experts, researchers and students to consider this opportunity and submit research project proposals in the areas of  public policy and democratic processes.


Election bribery is a manifestation of political corruption

In an interview with Hraparak, TIAC Project director Varuzhan Hoktanyan referred to the arrest of Syunik community leaders. According to him, if the suspicion is proved that the community leaders really gave electoral bribes, then this is an electoral crime and respective verdicts should follow. Election bribery is a manifestation of political corruption.