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Citizens Offices in the RA

Author: G. Khachatryan
Publisher: "Armenian-German Municipal and Economic Development Programme" GTZ (German Technical Agency) / RA Government
Year: 2011
Field(s): Armenia related documents
Type: book
The book is available.

Development of Intersectoral Partnership in Ukraine: Special Issue # 2 / 2002 "Practices of Open Society, Open World"

Author: D. Klochko
Publisher: International Renaissance Foundation, IRF Program
Year: 2002
Field(s): Civil society
Type: booklet
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Guide to Corruption-Free Local Government: Practical ways

Author: Milena Minkova
Publisher: UNDP
Year: 2018
Field(s): anti-corruption
Type: book
This guide is a practical instrument to assist local governments,
UNDP Country Offices (COs), international organizations and civil society organizations (CSOs) to design, implement and monitor anti-corruption at the local government level. This process includes 1) corruption risk assessments; 2) integrity plans; and 3) integrity management systems that result in more transparent, effective, efficient and accountable local governments.
The guide will strengthen the capacity of those working in the
local government sector to effectively manage integrity risks and increase organisational resilience to integrity violations, and thus enable local governments to deliver robust and efficient public services. Strengthening integrity and preventing corruption on local levels will positively affect achievement of a number of Sustainable Development Goals, and especially the Goal 161
, which promotes
peaceful and inclusive societies for sustainable development, provides access to justice for all and builds effective, accountable and
inclusive institutions at all levels. Importantly, the guide provides
practical information and practice-based tools to support and
strengthen transparency, effectiveness, efficiency and accountability in local government processes in four important ways:
First, the guide provides users with vital background information to enhance their knowledge of the concept of local government integrity, the opportunities for integrity violations, and
their relationship to preventing corruption.
Second, it presents a range of adaptive tools (methodologies)
and examples to lead anti-corruption practitioners to identify,
analyse and evaluate integrity risks in their own contexts.
Third, it advises on how to carry out effective integrity planning
by enabling users to design, implement and monitor integrity
plans that address integrity risks with the most adequate and
appropriate risk treatment measures.
Fourth, it instructs users on how to sustain and improve an integrity management system (IMS) that ensures implementation of integrity plans and contributes to continuous improvement of integrity management practices on the local government level.
The book is available.

Introduction to e-Government: e-Government to Support Sustainable Development Goals

Author: Hannes Astok
Publisher: e-Governance Academy, ega.ee, Tallin, Estonia
Year: 2017
Field(s): e-government
Type: broschure
The book is available.

"National Anti-Corruption Resource Center" and "Promoting Transparency and Participation at Local Government Level" Projects' Report

Publisher: TIAC
Year: 2005
Field(s): TIAC publications on all topics
Type: book
The book is available.

Policy Position # 06/2010: Regulating the Revolving Door

Publisher: TI Secretariat
Year: 2010
Field(s): Corruption
Type: pereodical
The book is available.

Report on Corruption and Anti-Corruption Policy in Latvia. No. 7, First Semiannum, 2008

Author: L. Austere, S. B. Karlovsek, I. Vilka
Publisher: Centre for Public Policy PROVIDUS
Year: 2008
Field(s): Corruption
Type: book
The book is available.

Results: NATO members & partner states (The Government Defence Anti-Corruption Index)

Author: Tehmina Abbas, Eva Anderson, Katherine Dixon, Karolina MacLachlan
Publisher: Transparency International Defence & Security
Year: 2015
Type: book
The book is available.

Stealing from the People: 16 Studies on Corruption in Indonesia. Book 3. Foreign Aid, Business, and State Enterprise: Counting the Cost

Author: R. Holloway (ed.)
Publisher: Aksara Foundation
Year: 2002
Field(s): Corruption
Type: book
The book is available.

Talk is Cheap: Turning Local Economic Development Strategies into Reality in Transition Countries

Author: G. Swinburn
Publisher: LGI, OSI
Year: 2007
Field(s): Economics and finance
Type: book
The book is available.