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20 Perspectives on Life in Armenia and in Azerbaijan - 2011

Author: "Region" Research Center (Armenia) and the Institute of Peace and Democracy (Azerbaijan)
Publisher: "Region" Research Center (Armenia) and the Institute of Peace and Democracy (Azerbaijan)
Year: 2011
Field(s): reaserach
The book is available.

350 Speaks Climate Leadership Workshops

Author: Will Bates
Publisher: Open Society Foundations - Armenia
Year: 2004
The book is available.

Anticorruption in Transition ...Who is succeeding and why?

Author: Cheryl W. Gray, James H. Anderson
Publisher: The World Bank
Year: 2006
Type: book
The book is available.

Armenia: Poverty, Transition & Democracy

Author: Onnik Krikorian
Publisher: Garod Books
Year: 2003
Field(s): Poverty, Democracy
The book is available.

Earth is Our Common Nest - Let's Take Care of It Together!

Author: Lela Janashia
Publisher: Red Caucasus
Year: 2005
Field(s): Environment
Type: pereodical
The book is available.

Final Report of the Observation Mission of the 2016 Parliamentary Elections

Author: Mikheil Benidze, Tamar Bartaia, Elene Nijaradze, Nino Rijamadze, Nino Khitarishvili, Tatia Kinkladze, Tuta Chkheidze
Publisher: International Society for Fair Elections and Democracy
Year: 2017
Field(s): Elections
Type: pereodical
The book is available.

Handbook for Long Term Election Observers

Year: 2014
Type: booklet
The book is available.

Making Ukrainian Civil Society Matter

Author: Iryna Bekeshkina, Piotr Kazmierkiewicz
Publisher: Fundacja Instytut Spraw Publicznych
Year: 2012
The book is available.

Motivating Business to Counter Corruption

Author: Jennifer Schoberlein, Sebastian Wegner
Publisher: HUMBOLDT_VIADRINA School of Governance
Year: 2012
Field(s): Corruption
The book is available.

Natural Resource Governance, Empowerment and Poverty Reduction

Author: Jordi Surkin
Publisher: ukaid
Year: 2011
Field(s): Environment
The book is available.