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Corruption Cases (2006 - 2014)
2014 Oct

Help us buy ours!

RA government meeting discussed a transaction to be conducted within the framework of “providing accessible apartments to public servants.” Accordingly, the government will provide financial assistance to the state and community servants who would like to acquire houses by hypothec in an apartment building complex to be built somewhere in the boundary between Yerevan’s Arabkir and Kanaker communities. It will be constructed in 2017. The price for one sq. m. would be nearly 300 thousand AMD. The market price for 1 sq. m. space in the given area is that much. By the way, no tender was announced to select the constructing company. The owner of “Mikshin” company is Tigran Harutyunyan, the son of the former minister of defense Mikael Harutyunyan. Mikael Harutyunyan is a childhood friend of Serzh Sargsyan. T. Harutyunyan is also among the shareholders of “Parking City Service” company, notorious for “red lines.” He is also the cousin of Mihran Poghosyan, chief compulsory enforcement officer of judicial acts. Though “Mikshin” was registered in state register still in 2007, it is not found in the list of the first 1000 tax-payers of Armenia. Thus, the euphonious titled project actually seeks to pursue a purpose - sponsor a specific company.


Author: Hayk Gevorgyan