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Corruption Cases (2006 - 2014)
2014 Oct

Hayasy is in privileged position

Though Hayasy Group LLC operating in Voskevaz village since 2010 had no waste emissions license so far, the factory never stopped its work even for a short while. Moreover, the industrial wastewater that ran to the Shaghvard River, polluting it, caused the death of a great number of fish. Nearly 4 thousand fish were killed in May, though in no way was it proven that the poisoned wastewater by Hayasy Group resulted in the death of the fish. The water of the river turned black. Furthermore, not only the fish but the entire fauna, even the frogs disappeared from the river. The water smelled so bad that the people avoided to use the water even for irrigating their gardens. By building a factory on soils for agricultural purposes, the factory owner also failed to change the category, though since 2010 the soils actually were used for industrial purposes. The owner (Rule of Law Party leader A. Baghdasaryan) is not an ordinary citizen, though he is reportedly unable to live for 250 thousand AMD salary. 

Author: Norayr Grigoryan