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Corruption Cases (2006 - 2014)
2014 Sep

No vacancy in kindergarten

Being encountered a long waiting list for enrolling her son to a kindergarten in Yerevan, a parent was solicited an amount of 200,000 AMD. The money was given not to the director of the kindergarten but to the employees of the Yerevan municipality’s education department. The head of education department is Gayane Soghomonyan who is the wife of Ishkhan Zakaryan, chairman of the Chamber of Control. Whereas Zakaryan is assumed to expose squandering of state budget and other abuse. It was Suzanna Poghosyan, the mother of 2,5 year old Areg who was solicited to pay bribe for enrolling her son in kindergarten No. 17 in Kentron administrative district of Yerevan. It turned out that Areg was the 720th on the applicants’ list and his turn might come in 48 years. For Areg’s mother not to wait so long, she was told that she had to pay the above-mentioned bribe.     

Author: Anna Zakharyan