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Corruption Cases (2006 - 2014)
2014 May

The judge calls her “gal” and the investigator was hesitant what to do

“Judge Edik Martirosyan told me that he could do nothing but whatever his superior told him to do,” Melanya Badalyan who lived in 40/1 Tolstoy Street since 1978 with her two children was struggling against her husband’s relatives for them in order not to seize her house. In 1997 the house was privatized on behalf of M. Badalyan and her children. The uncles of M. Badalyan’s former husband sued her in court demanding that their right to the parcel of land and the house be stipulated by law. The house which had become an apple of discord was set to fire on July 28, 2013, and the woman was sure that the fire was not caused accidentally, it happened a couple of days after she proved that the opposite side had submitted false documents. As she told, the firemen came in 45 minutes, forensic examination was not made so far. The expert came to do his work only after 6 months’ time, when there was snow and the tracks disappeared. That was an organized mechanism, they attempted to bypass the case, since people of law were mixed in it.” The woman told that she had numerous facts and records how the criminal case with 5 prosecutors’ instructions was destroyed and how the cases of the court of cassation were stolen. “If all the dark sides of the case be exposed, including false documents many people of law might have problems,” Melania Badalyan noted.  

Author: Siran Hunanyan