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Corruption Cases (2006 - 2014)
2011 Nov

Warning and promotion

The Armenian police have shown "astonishing" tolerance toward the housebreakers who committed burglary in an Armenian citizens house. 75-year old dweller Alfred Babayan who lives in Khorenatsy Street suspected his young neighbor living upstairs and the district police officer of the burglary of his house. Meanwhile, the police inspectors of Kentron district who came as a result of the house dwellers call, acted inadequately. In several hours after the second call to police the inspectors emerged again, followed by investigators. Grisha Amirkhanyan, deputy chief of Kentron police also visited the landlord because of inadequate behavior of the police officers but he left without any result. Though he reported whom exactly he suspected of burglary, the landlords elder daughter and her husband were called to police station and they were told that they were suspected. Though requested to write self-confession testimony, they refused to do so and were released. The mixed detective story did not end. Babayan received a note from the police that the police officers and deputy police chief were subjected to disciplinary liability. However it did not hinder for Kentron deputy chief of police Grisha Amirkhanyan to be promoted later and be appointed as chief of Nor Nork police.

Author: Ani Gevorgyan