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Corruption Cases (2006 - 2014)
2011 Nov

Those who break the law should be liable for it

The Chamber of Control of Armenia conducted inspections in all regional offices of social services in Gegharkunik and Ararat provinces, as well as in five offices of Yerevan. According to Ishkhan Zakaryan, chairman of Chamber of Control of Armenia numerous minor and gross violations were revealed as a result of inspections. Violations of 4.3 million AMD were exposed in Artashat, 4.1 million AMD in Vedi and 1 million AMD in Ararat regional offices of social service. 415 million AMD construction work was carried out in Ararat province in 2009-10, 249 million AMD was subject to control measurement and a violation of 24 million 300 thousand AMD was registered. 5.1 million AMD out of that sum was overpaid which implied restoring the state budget, whereas those of 17.3 million AMD were low quality jobs which implied restoring with additional work, and in case of its lack, the sums should be returned to the state budget. In the sphere of health care a violation of 14.5 million AMD was recorded, which should be returned to state budget, whereas as a result of the study of educational programs a violation of 5.7 million AMD was exposed. Within the framework of the third project of social investment fund about 1 billion AMD was controlled and control measurement was conducted in the limits of 510 million AMD. Sixteen facilities were inspected in different provinces of the republic by registering violations of 33 million AMD, 2.8 million of which was restored to the state budget, 9.6 million AMD should be restored, and 23.9 million AMD should be restored by doing the job. A violation of 12 million AMD and 4700 Euros was registered in Yerevans K. Demirchyan subway: the sums are subject to be restored at the expense of the company, otherwise, according to I. Zakaryan the sum should be returned to the state budget.

Author: Arman Gasparyan