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Corruption Cases (2006 - 2014)
2010 Jan

The real reasons of changing the ambassador

Armenia's ambassador to Russia Armen Smbatyan has used the embassy's venue not for embassy concerns but for his personal needs. The payment received from renting the embassy venue entered the pockets of the ambassador. The ambassador has also helped Armenians living in Moscow and even Russians to be issued Armenian passports. Cars' state license plates used and issued by embassy were often given for personal gain. All these abuses were reported to Serzh Sargsyan by the Chamber of Control of Armenia and the Control Service of the President, and without publicizing about that, it was decided to dismiss the ambassador. After the decision was made, the latter stayed in Moscow by founding a public organization there. According to the article contributor making money in such a way was typical of and prevalent in all Armenian embassies.

Author: Taguhi Tovmasyan