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Corruption Cases (2006 - 2014)
2009 Nov

Father promised to imprison the person who harmed his son

The court trial, chaired by Judge Vardan Abrahamyan of Yerevan's Ajapnyak-Davtashen communities' common jurisdiction court, seems reluctant to reveal the truth. It apparently happened because the father of one of the juvenile participants in a conflict in one of Yerevan streets was Mihran Davtyan, head of Ajapnyak tax police. His son received injuries from attacks of a sharp object, "cutting and piercing instrument" and the father promised to imprison the person who dared to injure his son. The fact that Hovhannes Chilingaryan who injured Davtyan's son, had to defend alone from 8-9 assaulters and the instrument that was a key material evidence did not belong to him was considered neither during the trial, nor the pre-trial. For some reason the police did not take into consideration and the court neglected the fact that the reason for conflict was the emergency situation caused because of Toyota Camry with license plate 33 333 that belonged to the assaulters.

Author: Ruzan Avoyan