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Corruption Cases (2006 - 2014)
2009 Jun

How they tear the forest to pieces

A land in the vicinity of Noravan village, Armavir province has been sold by auction - 1 square meter for 114 thousand AMD (200-300 USD) and was later resold for 2,000 USD. The buyers who took part in the auction were not accidental people - former minister of finance and economy Vardan Khachatryan's mother-in-law Roza Mkrtchyan, provincial governor Albert Heroyan's nephew and so on. There are allegations that the same parcel of land was resold for several times. The efforts of those who have leased the land for a long time and cultivated it, including Noravan resident S. Abgaryan, who filed complaints and lawsuits, were doomed to failure. According to government decision of 2005, Noravan forest was turned into an agricultural land and was allocated to provincial center Armavir, motivating that the land was not adjacent to Noravan, which is not true. Whereas the forest played a role of a barrier between the village and Armenian Nucleus Power Plant and each of the trees were to be taken care of in state level, said Hakob Sanasaryan, the chairman of the Green Union of Armenia.

Author: Arthur Hovhannisyan