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Corruption Cases (2006 - 2014)

The Armenian Times

Honest earnings

Last year Assistant to the President Avetis Berberyan declared that his assets were worth 3 million USD.  Berberyan said that he had become a dollar millionaire in 2005-2008 when he headed “Kime” TV company LLC.

Chorrord Ishkhanutyun

“ChI” produced proofs or cheating by police

Gas station in the section of Yerevan-Ashtarak road’s Proshian settlement owned by RA Chief of Police Vova Gasparyan nonetheless belonged to him.

Chorrord Ishkhanutyun

Human Rights Defender caught the municipality lying

A resident of Yerevan’s Arabkir administrative district applied to the municipality still in 2007 to legitimize a garage used by him, i. e. requesting to privatize it.


Ashot Karapetyan persecuted Dog, Dog stalked Ashot Karapetyan

The police embarked on persecution of former police officer Vardan Ghukasyan (aka “Dog”). On April 19 he was called to Erebuni division of police on suspicion of carrying out terrorist act and was investigated on grounds of setting false alarm to Erebuni division of police 5 days ago regarding some white taxi

The Armenian Times

One more report

A number of interesting stories were revealed in RA Chamber of Control’s 2013 annual report.  "Fruit Armenia" Open Joint-Stock Company obtained 10 thousand trunks of walnut trees and paid 4.8 million AMD from state budget. It paid additional 16.5 million AMD from the same source for obtaining 10 thousand shoots of walnut tree from Italy.

The Armenian Times

Sugar swindle: it could have been cheaper

Armenia’s sugar retail market was given as a present to businessman MP Samvel Alexanyan by the highest authorities, with no one having access to it.

Hayastany Hanrapetutiun

Military commissar of Nor Nork district arrested

On March 19, 2014, Colonel Rafael R. Zakarian, military commissar of Nor Nork administrative district was arrested after he received 3,900 USD from citizen G.V. in the office of the chief of Nor Nork military commissariat’s military conscription department.


Convict applied to National Security Service director G. Hakobyan

In April-June 2013 Artur Ghazaryan, investigator of Special Investigation Service solicited 500 USD from Artak Ghukasyan, a convict of “Yerevan-Kentron” penitentiary institution to make the appointed expert conclusion in his favor, stating that he was telling Artak the words of H. Sardaryan


By playing “Romeo’s” role, he received 24 thousand USD from a woman

In order to receive easy money 44-year-old Samvel Armenakyan played the enamored “Romeo’s” role so masterly that he managed to persuade a woman


“Eyewitnesses and I have repeatedly mentioned about kidnapping”

In a complaint addressed to RA president, citizen E. Ghukasyan informed that his son, a candidate of economic sciences and a lecturer in Armenian State University of Economics, was kidnaped and assaulted, his and his son’s belongings were stolen and the house was seized in May 2012


Vehicles for ten thousands AMD

State property management department will alienate 22 units of vehicles via direct sale for 3 million 690 thousand AMD.


Are all ways to make money ethical?

Yerevan municipality sold three notary offices’ areas at auction to a certain Edik Ayvazyan, though the people who were appointed as notaries prior to 2002 had a right to manage the areas of the offices they engaged free of charge.

First Armenian news and analyses online

Former NSS deputy director’s brother seized Edmon Khudyan’s building and received loans from ArmBusinessBank

During his tenure of employment Romik Harutyunyan, fugitive Armenian former National Security Service deputy director was engaged in patronage of a number of officials and (not only officials), and in intermediations, which led to a number of illegal transactions.


Bribe-taker’s path is short

Hearsay about bribe taking by Pargev Hambardzumyan, the head of education, culture and sport department of Aragatsotn province ended up with the official’s arrest.

Hayots Ashkhar

Caught red-handed while taking bribe

On February 6, 2014 employees of Yerevan’s Nor Nork division of Police, police senior lieutenant Felix Mkrtchyan and police major Samvel Hakobyan were detected