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Transparency International Anti-corruption Center NGO (hereinafter referred to as the Organization) was established in 2000. It is a non-governmental organization operating in the Republic of Armenia, which passes through a periodic review process by Transparency International, the global anti-corruption movement as a fully accredited national chapter to represent TI in Armenia.


The mission of the Organization is to promote good governance in Armenia through reducing corruption and strengthening democracy.


The core values of the Organization are transparency, accountability, integrity, courage, justice and democracy.


The goals of the Organization are

-to support effective anti-corruption policy and transparent and accountable governance;
-to support the holding of free, fair and transparent elections and the establishment of electoral institute;
-to promote reasonable, transparent and accountable public resource management, including the management of state and community property and financial resources;
-to foster democratic processes, including protection of human rights and public participation in the governance processes of the country.

Governance Structure

General Meeting
Executive Director


This Code of Conduct (hereinafter Conduct) regulates the conduct of the Organization members, employees and volunteers and sets up guiding principles of ethics in their day-to-day relations. The members, employees and volunteers of the Organization are committed to uphold high standards of integrity and liability - act according to the core values and guiding principles adopted by the Organization.

General Principles

The Organization is transparent, honest, impartial and accountable in its relationships with everyone it works with, both within itself and others. It endeavors to perform its duties properly, faithfully and efficiently, respecting the rights of its members, employees, volunteers and colleagues.

The Organization is politically non-partisan and does not side with any religious organization.

The Organization is open to work co-operatively with all individuals and groups, as well as representatives of government, civil society, business community, media and international institutions committed to the promotion of good governance. It respects diversity of opinions, beliefs and ideas.

The Organization can accept funding and donations from any source which does not contradict its mission and goals, and if the latter is not discredited in corruption or other scandals.

The Organization ensures that the resources and assets at its disposal are used effectively and serve for no purpose other than the solution of Organization issues.

The Organization follows that its projects are responsive to public needs directly or indirectly contribute to their overall development and well-being.

The Organization demonstrates high level of accuracy and professionalism, based on comprehensive research and analysis.

The Organization performs in accordance with the legislation of the Republic of Armenia, the Organization’s charter and guiding documents of Transparency International organization.

Practical Guidelines


The Organization has a written charter defining its mission, goals, governing bodies and organizational structure.

The Organization makes sure that people who are elected to its governing bodies demonstrate high professional standards and share the Organization’s values and goals.

The Organization clearly defines the role and responsibilities of the people who are elected to its governing bodies and properly informs about them.

The Organization follows the participatory management principle to encourage the employees’ involvement in the decision-making process and to ensure transparency in decision-making and accountability.


The Organization's members, employees and volunteers treat each other with respect and consideration.

The Organization's members, employees and volunteers communicate and consult with each other openly and collegially and in a manner that assists each of them to fulfill their duties/responsibilities diligently and efficiently.

The Organization's members, employees and volunteers respect the privacy and private lives of each other when dealing with personal information.

Conflicts of Interest

The Organization is committed to be fair, objective, and impartial in recruitment, promotion in job and in process of obtaining goods and services.

The Organization does not accept funds from donors that are granted under condition to impair the independence of the Organization to pursue its mission.

The Organization makes appointments to all positions using a merit-based system and only after due consideration of all the received applications.

The Organization does not hire persons with whom the Board or staff members have close personal relationship, including their spouse, parent, child, sibling or other close family members.

The Organization may make use of services of those companies where the Organization members, employees and volunteers do paid work if they are not included in a decision making body.

The Organization members, employees and volunteers exclude potential conflicts of interest, and openly acknowledge actual conflicts of interest to the superior. The conflict of interest situation should be exposed and and declared by others as well. In case of being in conflict of interest situation the Organization members, employees and volunteers should be abstracted from doing actions and making decision before getting agreement from the superior bodies or the Board. 

The Organization members, employees and volunteers do not accept directly or indirectly any discount, gift, favor or entertainment (invitations to dinner, cultural events, tourist visits, etc.) that may influence the performance of their duties or diction making.

The Organization's Board Members declare their proprietary and non-proprietary interests, which may potentially lead to or conceivably be perceived as a conflict of interest. The Organization’s staff runs the Register of Interests of Board members, which is updated every six months and is posted on the Organization's website (Register of interest form, Appendix 1).

Remunerated Work

The Organization's Board Members are not remunerated by the Organization, unless they do some expert work/service upon agreement of the Board.

The Organization's employees may undertake paid work or work on a voluntary basis for other organizations, informing about it to the Executive Director or their immediate superior.

Private Behavior

The Organization's members, employees and volunteers may get engaged in any activity or acquire any position unless it detracts from the proper performance of their duties and brings the Organization into disrepute.

The Organization's members, employees and volunteers do not use the Organization's business relationships to solicit or obtain favors or improper benefits in private life.

The Organization's members, employees and volunteers do not allow individual, political affiliations and/or activities unduly influence or interfere with the political neutrality of the Organization.

The Organization’s Board members and the executive body (Executive Director, Deputy Director) are non-partisan.

Confidentiality, Transparency and Accountability

The Organization's members, employees and volunteers are committed to treat information obtained within the framework of their activity with confidentiality. This obligation continues for two years after leaving the Organization.

The Organization is as open as possible about all decisions and actions it takes considering the special needs for confidentiality.

The Organization is transparent and accountable in its relations with state authorities, partner organizations, colleagues, citizens, donors, citizens, beneficiaries and other interested parties.

The Organization maintains a regular financial audit performed by an independent auditing firm or respective state authorities.

The Organization fulfills all legal financial management and reporting in accordance with the requirements of the legislation of the Republic of Armenia.

The Organization accurately and promptly submits project program and financial reports to donors in compliance with the terms of their grants.

Cooperation and Networking

The Organization supports and promotes cooperation, networking and coalition building among civil society representatives to make their efforts more effective and avoid overlap of activities.

The Organization fosters the activities that facilitate information sharing and exchange of experiences among various stakeholders and encourage joint initiatives and projects.

The Organization promotes and supports effective public participation by involving beneficiaries in project implementation.

Complaint Mechanisms

Any concerns about an interpretation, application or suspected violation of the Code shall be brought to the attention of the Board to discuss.

No one shall be discriminated against or incurred liability for reporting concerns related to violations of the Code of Conduct of the Organization.

Evaluation of a potential conflict of interest and respective actions to manage the conflict shall be made by the Organization's Board, who shall be deemed responsible for undertaking measures to manage potential conflict of interest.

Any conflicts within the organization shall be resolved in accordance with this Code of Conduct, Organization's Charter and the legislation of the Republic of Armenia.

06 February 2014
Protocol No. 14/01