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Monitoring of Parties' Campaign Finances during the 2003 Parliamentary Elections

Description: The project is designed to increase the transparency of the political party finance during the parliamentary elections of 2003 and to raise public awareness of the parties' campaign funding and expenditures. It is also aimed at creating a demand for the transparency and accountability of political parties, promoting public debates and placing civil society pressure to ensure equal and fair elections. The project consists of three main components: cooperation with parties to gather data about their pre-election funds; carrying out independent monitoring of parties' revenues and expenditures during the campaign period; and conducting a comparative analysis of the collected information to disclose possible discrepancies.
Results: 1. Information provided by 11 out of 21 parties and blocs about their campaign revenues and expenses. 2. Information provided by 2 out of 7 TV stations, the National Radio station and 8 newspapers on the amount of money paid by the parties. 3. Information provided by 6 printing houses on the number of orders of campaign materials printed by the parties. 4. Independent monitoring of media (data was provided by the Yerevan Press Club), posters, publications, hats, T-shirts, billboards and events conducted. 5. Comparative analysis of the gathered data. 6. Publication of the project results. 7. Workshop to present the project findings to representatives of 21 parties and blocs in the elections, relevant state institutions, civil society and international organizations. 8. Developed legislative recommendations on the party campaign finances aimed at promoting more transparency and accountability in the field.
Implementation period: 01.03.2003 - 30.08.2003
Budget: USD 13,979
Donor(s): Open Society Institute, Assistance Foundation - Armenia