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Advocacy and Legal Assistance

Description: This project aims to establish and operate Anti-corruption Advocacy and Assistance Centers (AACs) in Yerevan, Shirak and Lori in order to provide a mechanism to enhance the capacity of citizens or organizations to redress their grievances and stimulate system-level reforms. It is accomplished by advising and assisting citizens to formulate and channel complaints to respective authorities; analyzing complaints, identifying loopholes that promote proliferation of corrupt practices, developing policy proposals and organizing campaigns for institutional reforms; and raising public awareness on corruption matters and citizens' rights.
Results: AACs are expected to stimulate the fight against corruption and reduce the level of corruption. Outcomes of the project will include: 1. Empowered citizens knowledgeable of corruption matters and their rights; 2. Activated reporting of corruption and communication to respective authorities; 3. More effective operation of institutions in dealing with citizen complaints; 4. Draft recommendations for improvement of policies in specific areas; 5. System level changes adopted by state institutions.
Implementation period: 07.10.2008 - 31.07.2010
Budget: AMD 112,368,465.00
Donor(s): USAID Mobilizing Action Against Corruption Activity (MAAC), implemented by Armenia Branch Casals & Associates, Inc.
Partners: "Asparez" Journalists Club, Helsinki Citizens' Assembly Vanadzor Office