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Anti-corruption Information Center

Description: The project aims to provide representatives of civil society, government institutions and the international community with up-to-date information on anti-corruption reforms being undertaken in Armenia, local and international experience in fight against corruption. It is also meant to organize different events to increase public awareness on corruption and mechanisms to resist it. Building local monitoring capacity is also one of the main goals of the project, which includes training programs and pilot monitoring of municipal services.
Results: 1. Maintenance of NACRC libraries in Yerevan and 5 provinces with anti-corruption resources: books, periodicals, papers, brochures, reports, legal texts, video tapes, manuals, guides, raining materials and a media archive, 2.Sharing relevant information with the public. 3.Maintenance and update of an anti-corruption website, including a database of anti-corruption project. 4.Media monitoring of 10 local newspapers with the result posted on the website on a weekly basis. 5. Duplication and dissemination of relevant anti-corruption publications 6. Implementation of annual phone surveys through the 5 provinces to identify corrupt local services for monitoring. 7. Anti-corruption trainings for local NGOs and journalists. 8. Final presentation to discuss monitoring results in each province.
Implementation period: 31.10.2004 - 30.11.2005
Budget: USD 58,337.00
Donor(s): Swiss Agency for Development and Cooperation
Partners: "Center for Community Dialogues and Initiatives", "Armenian Constitutional Rights Protection Center", "Teachers' Union of Goris", "Work and Homeland" and "Communities Finance Officers' Association" Non-governmental organizations