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Promoting Transparency of Customs Services

Description: The project is designed to further economic development in the South Caucasus. It includes reviewing and analyzing customs legislation and regulations; conducting a public opinion survey; and promoting public awareness of customs-related issues in Armenia, Azerbaijan and Georgia.
Results: 1. Desk research - preparation of a legal and administrative inventory on the customs legislation and procedures. 2. Field research - implementation of a survey to evaluate the current situation at regional customs, identify customs-related problems and search for their possible solutions (sample - 600 individuals and entrepreneurs crossing the Armenian-Georgian border). 3. Analysis of the results of desk and field research and policy recommendations. 4. Publication of the results. 5. Preparation and dissemination of booklets in Armenian, Russian and English for local and international travelers and entrepreneurs in order to increase their awareness of customs-related rules and procedures. 6. Three national and three regional workshops to present the project midterm and final findings to all interested parties.
Implementation period: 16.09.2001 - 17.07.2002
Budget: USD 33,774.00
Donor(s): The Eurasia Foundation/South Caucasus Cooperation Program
Partners: Association of Young Economists of Georgia, Entrepreneurship Development Foundation of Azerbaijan