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Public Participation

Corruption Perception

In order to assess corruption situation in the country and to identify possible solutions to reduce corruption the organization conducted nationwide public opinion surveys in 2002 and 2006. The surveys were intended to give people a voice in Yerevan and marzes for sharing their thoughts on corruption perception.

Citizen Support

By establishing Anti-corruption Advocacy and Assistance Centers (AACs) and National Anti-Corruption Resource Centers TIAC had an aim to provide information to government institutions, civil society and international community representatives on anti-corruption reforms conducted in Armenia as well as provide legal assistance to victims of corruption. In the outcome, AACs received 364 corruption-related complaints, submitted 45 reports on crime to law enforcement agencies and 64 claims were brought to courts. Twenty-two cases had positive outcomes.

Public Advocacy

TIAC is willing to involve wider public strata in fight against corruption. In order to achieve that goal the organization has initiated anti-corruption campaigns to raise public intolerance of corruption, as well as raise citizens’ responsibility in forming authority. Within the scope of the projects, TIAC has organized cartoon and comics contests, forum theater scenario competition and campaign animation contest, which aim to reveal negative impact of corruption and bribery in public life through presentation of interesting and vivid images.