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2016 Jul

Statement on the need to convene a special parliamentary session

During the past few days the country, more specifically the city of Yerevan has been experiencing an increasingly tense situation with unpredictable consequences, pertaining to the armed opposition group titled “Daredevils of Sasoon,” which continues to occupy a Yerevan police station since July 17 and subsequent events.

Thousands of citizens have taken to the streets in support of the “Daredevils of Sasoon” and their demands, because the systematic corruption which dominates the nation, economic injustice, selective justice, incessant emigration, and continuously falsified elections have disillusioned all hopes of positive change in the country. The police of the Republic of Armenia have exercised excessive force and violence by dispersing the voluntary and peaceful gatherings of citizens, detaining hundreds of people, and arresting more active citizens on trumped-up charges.

Despite the continuously worsening situation, for the past eleven days the country’s president has not publicly addressed the people, while the National Assembly and its elected members have been enjoying their summer vacations.

Hereby we, signatories of civil society organizations, condemn the National Assembly’s inexcusable and unacceptable negligence, and call upon the National Assembly to exercise its constitutional right to convene a special parliamentary session in order to discuss the current situation and find peaceful solutions to this problem.

The time to prove that the National Assembly is the rightful representative of the people and that the parliamentary system of government is the most effective in overcoming a crisis is now.

"Araza" BNGO
Open Society Foundations - Armenia
Analytical Center on Globalization and Regional Cooperation
Progress of Gyumri CSDC
Goris Press Club
Eurasia Partnership Foundation
Yerevan Press Club
Ecolur NGO
Foundation Against the Violation of Law NGO
Transparency International Anticorruption Center NGO
Europe in Law Association NGO
Democracy Today NGO
Journalists for Human Rights NGO
Peace Dialogue NGO
Committee to Protect Freedom of Expression
“Khoran Ard" Intellectual Center NGO
Women's Support Centre
Public Information and Need of Knowledge NGO
Collaboration for Democracy” NGO
Helsinki Citizens’ Assembly Vanadzor Office NGO
Armenian Constitutional Right-protective (ACRPC)
Armenian Progressive Youth NGO
Media Initiatives Center
New Generation Humanitarian NGO
Spitak Helsinki Group NGO
Vstahutyun' ('Trust') healthcare NGO
“TRTU” cultural NGO
Urban Foundation for Sustainable Development
Small and Medium Business Foundation
Armenian Center for Political and International Studies